About Us

We know the poor need our help.

Since 1966, Aid For Baja California (ABC) has been changing lives in Mexico by delivering basic necessities to the western region’s poverty-stricken children and families. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ABC raises money and distributes those funds to local charitable organizations. These organizations then provide basic goods and services to help Baja families survive and improve their communities.

Mission Statement

Aid for Baja California (ABC) is committed to providing shelter, food, clothing, education and medical services to destitute children and families in Baja California.


Founded by Catholic priest Father Henry, Aid for Baja California began as an informal gesture of friendship. In the 1960’s, Father Henry knew a poor Mexican family who had been evicted from their home in Tijuana. To help his comrades in need, he arranged lodging and food. Other people in the region learned of his generosity and ability to gather resources, so they went to him looking for the same help he offered his friends. Father Henry happily obliged, and then realized that poverty in Baja California was a pressing problem. He went on to form Aid for Baja California as a non-profit organization.

Unfortunately, Father Henry died in 1977 in an auto accident while returning from La Paz, Baja California. He had gone to deliver lumber to repair damage caused by Hurricane Elisa.

Today, Father Henry’s compassion for Baja lives on through ABC.

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